Live big in small space habitats

Interiors that you experience

Stellar Amenities designs highly functional and comfortable places in small spaces from Earth to Mars and everywhere in between.

The company’s mission is to lower behavioral health risks and boost the crew’s productivity to enable the multi-planetary future of humanity.

Stellar Amenities is a company where the team of a space architect, a NASA engineer, and an interior designer complements space habitats with lightweight, deployable & reconfigurable elements to support wellbeing in space. Our company pursues innovation and aims high to pioneer in providing furniture and devices to ease adaptation to the new conditions of living on the Moon, Mars, and space stations.


“Two of the most critical issues are the radiation exposure beyond low Earth orbit and the psychosocial effects of confinement and isolation”

— The Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH)
Because we like to be in constant contact with our customers, learning about their business or helping them overcome certain challenges, we offer 24/7 support throughout the contract period.
What we do

We develop systems that enable humans to thrive in the most difficult conditions in space

At the heart of everything we do is this idea of making private and national astronaut's life better. We combine innovation & pragmatism, delivering products in a cost-effective manner.

We design and develop ebsites & places to thrive in space

Technical Discovery & Architecture, Website Development, Product Delivery

We create interfaces to engage & empower space travelers

Maximize productivity during prep & work of astronauts

We help businesses
all around the world
to grow.

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Private and national missions: Commercial and research operations.

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Integrated approach
We work with client engineering constraints to provide solutions for professional & civilian astronauts.
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We know acceleration of space depends on cost-efficiency/Do more with less
Our CTO is one of a few people in the world to utilize origami technique for space by intricate math and artistic vision.
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Do things once
and do them
We don’t do anything by halves. We only do things the right way with care, know-how and effort. Corners are an important part of any journey and we don’t cut them, ever.
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