Anastasia Prosina

Anastasia Prosina is a Space Architect, Founder & CEO at Stellar Amenities, a space architecture company with the mission of uplifting space tourist experience and astronaut wellbeing and performance, for a smooth transition to the multiplanetary future.

Before founding her practice, Anastasia worked with MIT Media Lab, NASA, Mars Society, and multiple private aerospace companies. As a thought leader on space architecture, she has publicly spoken around the globe, including SXSW, LA Design Week, Brown University, Mars Society Convention, New Worlds Conference, and co-authored papers and publications on the subject matter. She is frequently invited to jury and review the work of others in the fields of Space Architecture, Innovation in Architecture and Sustainability. The most recent work includes:

International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES) 2022, Paper Reviewer in Space Architecture Section
✦ ASCEND 2020, Space Architecture Abstract Reviewer
✦ Jury member at the international architecture competitionSpace Architecture Abstract Reviewer
✦ Jury member at the international architecture competition
Hong Kong Drone Port

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Anastasia holds an MS in Space Architecture from the Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture at the University of Houston and a Bachelor of Architecture in Urban Planning from Novosibirsk State University of Architecture, Design, and Art.

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International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES) 2022, Paper Reviewer in Space Architecture Section

ASCEND 2020, Space Architecture Abstract Reviewer

International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES) 2020,Paper Reviewer in Space Architecture Section

Mars Society City State Contest,
Jury member

Humans In Space Youth Art Competition, SciArt Exchange, Jury member

Non Architecture, Hong Kong Drone Port, International. Jury member. Archdaily

Maelstrom II, a science-based mini drama based on the short story by Arthur C. Clarke, Space Architecture Consultant

Anastasia's story

One day, during one of my years of studying Urban Planning, I stumbled upon an exhibition of watercolor works of Galina Balashova.

Speech Topics

Founder of recognized pioneering company in developing solutions for space habitat interiors to support national & private astronauts
Rethinking Sustainability through Space Architecture

What if building sustainable futures on and off the Earth have the same solutions?

Designing for Accessibility in Space and on Earth

How design can be a defining tool for the future in space, and how designing for space accessibility improves accessibility on Earth? In this talk, Anastasia Prosina walks through the case study of creating tactile navigation for AstroAccess program and social and business opportunities of inclusive design.

Urban Planning at Multiplanetary Scale

Mars, as the destination of humanity in becoming multiplanetary species, is comparatively unspoiled territory. But entrepreneurs have their sights set on new opportunities, and as low-Earth orbit population eventually increases, so too will the economic, infrastructural and socio-political decisions that must be made about human life in space. In this talk, Anastasia Prosina illuminates the previously unthinkable — floating advertisements, satellite-based Internet, space hotels, nationalized zones, utilities, traffic congestion, debris pollution — and urges audiences to consider the extra-planetary community we actually want. Calling for international regulation modeled on the FCC or ITU to oversee common needs like shared water and electromagnetic resources, Anastasia Prosina applies the principles of communal life on Earth to our nascent lives in space to frame how current research can and should influence our approach over the next several decades.

Humanity Becoming Multiplanetary: From Earth to Mars

Humanity will become interplanetary and is on a journey to Mars. We are closer to reaching the Red Planet with human explorers than we have ever been in our history. Space agencies, academia and industry are working on the technologies and missions that will enable human “boots on Mars” in the 2030s following a decade of human exploration on the moon in the 2020s. Anastasia Prosina asks big questions about humans living, working and building on Mars (and elsewhere in space) and highlights how and why getting to Mars matters for everyone living on Earth.

Space Tourism Flights: Catalysts or Ego Trips?

Major historical developments have been financed and driven by the “vanity projects” of the super wealthy of previous eras. Anastasia highlights lessons and parallels from previous eras of human exploration and technological innovation, looking at the efforts of the Bezoses, Bransons, and Musks in space. What are the dangers and limitations of upholding simplified “hero” narratives that champion the ultra-rich übermensch cowboy image of space exploration and discovery?

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